Mr. Dhruvin Jasani

Dear Prashanth Sir,

I am sure I will have much more, but I will only highlight a few & some points which I can recall right away.
* We came to see Nidhiland Vrindavan as a prospective buy and were expecting a marketing head to walk us through the project. We were surprised & impressed that Mr. Prashanth himself took us around the ongoing project. 
* Mr. Prashanth Sanil & his team had an extraordinary & lavish launch ceremony for the building something which were not expecting. We were pleased to see how much value for money was given to us back as a customer.
* The open area used for lawn & plants around the building. I beleive that no many projects in mangalore have made such an effort to empasise on greenery & landscaping. Most projects would not leave any stone unturned to cash on any available space by either using it up for sale or by offering a parking lot instead. This project stood out to with it's outstanding space for lawns, plants & the surrounding trees of the neighbouring properties.
* I also believe that not many projects in the vicinity have a home theater, & this one was so professionally set up. With a YAMAHA amp, Online UPS, 3d projector, 2 x AC's, & sound proofing material
* The deck aread around the swimming pool & the changing area was well done.
* The yoga room, the childrens play area, the club house, the gym, all have been done really well. More than our expectations.
* The granite finishing in the common areas was exceptional
* Mr. Prashanth always had a ear for constructive suggestions from his customers for the common good & would think twice on executing them. We gave him 2 suggestions for the building & both were executed. We were not expecting it as we know most builders would not want their expenditure to increase.
* The house keeping team is a delight, our day starts well when we walk outside our house into freshly kept common areas.
* For us it was shift from a busy noisy main road to a home where we could sleep in almost absolute silence with sounds of only birds. A feel one is lucly enough to get only in a jungle
* Our daughter is most excited along with us for the reasons we agree upon:
A) Becuase there are so many apartments there are a lot more kids of her age who she can play with

B) Open space to run, skate, cycle (Basically anything sports or activity which does not involve being on handhelt tablet or tv)

We are excited to see how this journey is going to transform our lives for a peaceful & content life. We thank Mr. Prashanth Sanil & his team for deliverying beyond expectaions. You are a great person not just on  a professional level but even on a personal level your thoughts & values inspire the youth of tomorrow. May you continue to inspire & lead with benchmarks both professionally & personally. We wish you, your family & your team lots of happiness. 
Warm regards,
Dhruvin Anuradha
Yogesh Neena

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